Ever since downloading Instagram on a trip to Ohio , I've been addicted to it. I love how simple and easy it is to use. You find someone that interests  you just follow them and you get an insight on there life through photos ONLY. All the junk is left out just simple and clean photo uploads. I went through my feed today and grabbed some on my photos that caught my eye and that got some "likes" on my instagram feed.
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All images were taken with my iPhone

Many more photos after the jump.....

Ohio in Instagram

So, I finally downloaded Instagram after seeing every photograph I follow on twitter rant about it. I must say I do love it and really makes you keep a creative eye on everyday things when your walking around.
Went to Ohio this weekend with the fiancé to visit some of her family. So, I decided it would be a good time to bring just my iPhone (even though my camerabag was in the trunk) and try to photograph solo with my phone. Must say it's a lot easier to carry around versus my Canon. Haha
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Driving weather for the first 4 hours..
More photos after the jump....

Truck Stop
Rainy Louisville, KY
View from the room
weighing in
DoubleTree blankets
Englewood, OH
IKEA Lamps
Louisville Bridge 1
Louisville Bridge 2
Louisville Bridge 3
Tennessee Mountains
Clear Skies