Ohio in Instagram

So, I finally downloaded Instagram after seeing every photograph I follow on twitter rant about it. I must say I do love it and really makes you keep a creative eye on everyday things when your walking around.
Went to Ohio this weekend with the fiancé to visit some of her family. So, I decided it would be a good time to bring just my iPhone (even though my camerabag was in the trunk) and try to photograph solo with my phone. Must say it's a lot easier to carry around versus my Canon. Haha
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Driving weather for the first 4 hours..
More photos after the jump....

Truck Stop
Rainy Louisville, KY
View from the room
weighing in
DoubleTree blankets
Englewood, OH
IKEA Lamps
Louisville Bridge 1
Louisville Bridge 2
Louisville Bridge 3
Tennessee Mountains
Clear Skies