Joe Mitchell | D1 Sports Knoxville

Some of you may recognize Joe Mitchell from Season 12 of The Biggest Loser. Some of you may not recognize him at all because Joe used to weight 348 pounds. Even after The Biggest Loser, Joe continues to train on a daily basis at D1 Sports. During the shoot I believe I overheard him telling someone he usually works out a 6am, not the 6pm shoot time we were at.


sometimes you got to join in on the fun!


Hugh Acheson | Tattoo Series

I had the opportunity to photograph Hugh Acheson while he  was here in Knoxville for a book signing , for his new cook book  "A New Turn in the South".  No only being an accomplished chef and restaurant owner, Hugh was on Top Chef Masters Season 3 and will be returning as a rotating  judge on Top Chef Texas.

I have seen many images of Hugh and his famous and often photographed tattoo. I have always liked tattoos but have never had the nerve to get one myself. I am working on a new photo series on people with their tattoos.  I loved the concept of a simple grey background , where the only focus can be the person and their tattoo. I have already photographed a couple of people for the series, so expect more photos very soon!

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I took this last shot just to show the surrounding area and a little of the bookstore and I actually like it quite a bit!