Tennessee vs Iowa | 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl

I was recently commissioned by the University of Tennessee Athletic Department to travel down to Jacksonville, FL and help shoot the 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl. I decided to take the family with me and make a road trip out of it! Below is our route and photos taken along the way. Feel free to follow me on instagram (@tyleroxendine) or twitter (@tyleroxendine) to follow along on more adventures!



Silver Birds Steel Orchestra | Negril, Jamaica

During our stay in Negril, Jamaica we really wanted to here some true steel drum music. We happen to see the Silver Birds Steel Orchestra playing and decided to stick around for the whole show. They were amazing, so much energy, rhythm, & talent in that group. I had my G10 with me so I propped it up on the table and took a couple short videos.

Watch the video and see if you can pick out the songs being played!

Transaction | Photo Project

On a recent trip to Detroit I had many of hours alone driving  ( 8 hours to be exact ) and I began to think of a photo project that I could work on while on the road.  That's when I began to think of  all the transactions one makes while traveling. It's pretty simple, I just photographed every person I had a money transaction with while on my drive from Knoxville to Detroit. I found myself looking for unique places to stop and I actually drove 20 minutes down a country road to try find something different.

I had some great conversations with some of the people I photographed and some just thought I was weird. One of my subjects  co-worker's exact quote "Did that guy just take your picture, that is so creepy". I hope to add to this photo project as I travel more. For now I have four individuals that I simply told them what I was doing and asked to take there portrait.

ps. I had the 5D Mark 2 with the 50 1.2L for this trip and ever since returning it I have had total camera envy.