Video Game Addiction

I had to photograph and compose a photo illustration for a recent school assignment. I choose to illustrate people who stay up all night or day playing video games and looking kind of "zoned out".

I included some behind the scenes photos on how the image was made and how it was lit after the jump...

Started out with a B800 boomed over the subject inside of a octobox

I then set up a 2nd B800 camera left with a 20 degree grid pointed at the subjects face

Then added a 3rd B800 camera right with a 30 degree grid pointed at the subjects body to add a bit of fill light

I then photographed a clock to add into the photo to simulate time around the subject. For that I just photographed my clock than changed the hour up once, photographed, changed the hour up, photographed, etc......

Jon Crowson | Knoxville, Tn

I went out to US 129 this past weekend to photograph cyclist, Jon Crowson. What an amazing athlete!  I love working with athletes, just  seeing there amazing talent and athleticism never ceases to amaze me. I wanted to get some shots of Jon riding. My assistant for the day ,Gil Downey, and I  rode in the back of my truck while my buddy Rick drove. We made a couple passes through the straights and went inside the "Dragon". I then took some simple single light shots of him standing in the road (I dont know why I love to put people in the road?).
The photo of him standing in the middle of the road turned out to be my favorite.w why I love to put people in the road?) Even though it wasn't my first choice the shot of him standing in the road turned out to be my favorite of the day.

More photos and behind the scenes information after the jump.....

How the riding images were lit:
1 x B800 directly infront of rider in softbox
1 x B800 boomed out beside the rider with 7' reflector

Favorite shot of the day

Simple one light set up:
1 x B800 with softbox

Maryville College Senior Eryk Watson

I've been wanting to work on some new portfolio work and wanting to go more in the direction of sports. I contacted Eryk Watson and asked if he'd be down for some photos and luckly for me he was more than willing to come. Thanks a ton Eryk and congrats on the  GSAC Player of the Year !

Behind the scenes photos after the jump.....

Here are a couple of photos by Travis Green showing the set up, how ya like that no look shoot. haha

2 x B800 for back light
1 x B800 boomed net to backboard with softvox
1 x B400 with beauty dish on ground pointing up for a little fill

Going into the shot I knew exactly what I was looking for with my portfolio image. I was wanting to get a prospective of the backboard when he as dunking. Once I got that shot I just snapped a few easy shots of Eryk standing in front of the goals.

These were shot with a simple set up
2 x B800 camera left and right behind subject
1 x B800 boomed overhead with beauty dish