Maryville College Senior Eryk Watson

I've been wanting to work on some new portfolio work and wanting to go more in the direction of sports. I contacted Eryk Watson and asked if he'd be down for some photos and luckly for me he was more than willing to come. Thanks a ton Eryk and congrats on the  GSAC Player of the Year !

Behind the scenes photos after the jump.....

Here are a couple of photos by Travis Green showing the set up, how ya like that no look shoot. haha

2 x B800 for back light
1 x B800 boomed net to backboard with softvox
1 x B400 with beauty dish on ground pointing up for a little fill

Going into the shot I knew exactly what I was looking for with my portfolio image. I was wanting to get a prospective of the backboard when he as dunking. Once I got that shot I just snapped a few easy shots of Eryk standing in front of the goals.

These were shot with a simple set up
2 x B800 camera left and right behind subject
1 x B800 boomed overhead with beauty dish