Sports Medicine for D1 Sports

Last year I photographed some of the trainers at D1 Sports Medicine, for the launch of their new website. It was great to spend the day with them and see all that goes into sports therapy and recovery for athletes. Here are some of the final images they choose for their new website.

ps. If you look in the lower left corner you will also see the photograph I took of GreenBay Packers player Randall Cobb used for their gear section.


Joe Mitchell | D1 Sports Knoxville

Some of you may recognize Joe Mitchell from Season 12 of The Biggest Loser. Some of you may not recognize him at all because Joe used to weight 348 pounds. Even after The Biggest Loser, Joe continues to train on a daily basis at D1 Sports. During the shoot I believe I overheard him telling someone he usually works out a 6am, not the 6pm shoot time we were at.


sometimes you got to join in on the fun!