Hugh Acheson | Tattoo Series

I had the opportunity to photograph Hugh Acheson while he  was here in Knoxville for a book signing , for his new cook book  "A New Turn in the South".  No only being an accomplished chef and restaurant owner, Hugh was on Top Chef Masters Season 3 and will be returning as a rotating  judge on Top Chef Texas.

I have seen many images of Hugh and his famous and often photographed tattoo. I have always liked tattoos but have never had the nerve to get one myself. I am working on a new photo series on people with their tattoos.  I loved the concept of a simple grey background , where the only focus can be the person and their tattoo. I have already photographed a couple of people for the series, so expect more photos very soon!

more photos after the jump....

I took this last shot just to show the surrounding area and a little of the bookstore and I actually like it quite a bit!