Jeremy Cowart CreativeLive TTV

On December 2-3 Creativelive hosted one of my favorite photographers Jeremy Cowart to do a live workshop called Experimental Portraiture. If you haven't ever heard of Creativelive it's an online live streaming network that host some of the biggest names in photography like Zack Arias, Jasmine Star, Vincent Laforet along with many others and the kicker is it is all free! You simply check out the dates the workshops are and just make sure your infront of your computer/iPad/iPhone to watch it.

Jeremy Cowart's workshop started out with something i've seen before called Thru-the-viewfinder (TTV). It's a pretty simple concept just get an older camera that has a big enough viewfinder to focus on with the camera, point your DSLR into the viewfinder and fire away. It gives the photo's a vintage look straight out of camera and you can even sprinkle things like glitter onto the viewfinder for even more effect. While Jeremy was teaching the workshop I set up and snapped a few photo's of Fendi (my dog) just laying on the bed. The photo's camera straight off camera without even touching Photoshop.

For these photos I set up my old Argus camera on my desk and put my camera on my tripod and pointed it straight down into the viewfinder. Then set the camera to a long shutter speed and popped the flash at Fendi to light her a little better, than used my iPhone to make the light trails.