24 Hour Film Festival | Knoxville, TN

You have 24 hours to create , film, edit, and produce a video. Those are the "simple" rules to the Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival (K24HFF ). This was my first year participating in the festival and it was such an amazing event. The kick off parties, screenings, networking, and the final showing was such a great experience to be involved with! This festival is filled with creative minds and a sense of humor that can not be compared. This will not be the last time I partake in such a innovative event. The only twist to this film festival is that they give you three secret ingredients that they don't tell you until the kick off time (7:00pm).


This year the ingredients were:
1. Have the sun sphere in one shot
2.Have a remote control in a shot
3. Use the line "I'll never forget the first time I went to jail"


I teamed up with RendMedia and our shooting began at 7pm and ended around 3am.  I have always had an interest in videography and  I was super stoked to do a little filming and audio Dave Moore finished up editing and submitted the the film with 20 minutes to spare.


Then came the screening and awards the following week: Pictures and video after the jump....


Winning videos at the end of the post...
Waiting for the rest of the people to ride the limo's over to the screening
The leader of K24HFF Michael Samstag
limo 2
Lisa of ALM Photo doing her thing.
Part of the rendMedia film crew of "Fifty"
My and my beautiful date


List of winners: HERE


Films: HERE


Winning videos are being uploaded at this post if being typed. Some videos may be NSFW (not safe for work) due to language and some adult content (no nudity)


My favorties are:
Cinmotography: My God Open Your Eyes
Funny / Story : P.A.C.
Funny: And Scene!


They were all amazing films and if you have the time watch them all!


p.s. I wore a Go Pro on my head on the red carpet but I guess I never actually hit record on it.....FAIL